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The Daytona Beach Boardwalk

There is a sign on the edge of the world that spans over a roadway. On this sign, in big bold words, is “The World’s Most Famous Beach”. ask the doctor . Right past that sign is all the evidence the sign needs to show it’s worth the name. The Daytona Beach Boardwalk is a world famous tourist spot that attracts people from coast to coast and across the sea. From the simple pleasure of a well kept, sandy beach to the excitement of the roller coaster racing around the tracks, the boardwalk has excitement for people of all ages. When it comes to catching a bite to eat from the ordinary to the extraordinary there are plenty of options to choose from. Take a day, take a ride, and let us explore the boardwalk on Daytona Beach.

Ferris Wheel and Rides: Before you even park your vehicle, you can see the rides present at the boardwalk. A ferris wheel breaks the treeline and the adrenaline inducing catapult ride stands beside it. A cozy little theme park like area without the hustle of the theme park crowds. Here you will find rides like the tea-cups for the simple fun seekers, and as we mentioned before the catapult for those looking for a bit of a rush. A ball suspended between two large poles, launching two people high up into the air until they bounce back down safe and sound. A roller coaster catches your attention as the carts go around the turns and down the hills, sitting just above the small go-cart track where tourists whiz by each other. All these attractions are close together and reasonably priced.


The Pier: Take a walk over the ocean itself by walking out onto the pier. Home of the famous Joe’s Crab Shack, with outside dining options so you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze as you dine. Take a photo with the captain status or the hanging shark above the restaurant doorway before venturing past the Crab Shack to where the fisherman are working their craft. From the end of the pier you can get a wide view of the entire boardwalk area. An excellent place to take some souvenir photos to show friends and family back home.

Shops and Attractions: Mixed into the scene are various stores filled with great beach time accessories and souvenirs. Most of these shops have an open front with a full view of the beach so you get to shop around with the feel of being outside all at the same time. To mix up the experience is an old fashion arcade with all the classic games and some new ones as well.

Food: Along with Joe’s Crab Shack are other restaurants around the area that serve a large variety of foods. From your always welcomed burgers and fries to more traditional seafood and even delicious specialty pizza. Grab a thing of wings or a snow cone and look out over the sea as you chow down. A treat for the kids or a romantic dinner for two, the boardwalk has what it is your craving.

Hotels: Separating the boardwalk from the busy world of the city, hotels run along the boardwalk opposite the beach. Perhaps the most popular, the Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona Beach has beach access via the back of the hotel, hours of entertainment inside, and is connected to the Ocean Walk Shoppes. All of this just walking distance from the pier, so you can have fun while saving gas and money. You can even book a room online and be prepped the beach as soon as you arrive.


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