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Rx: One Beach Vacation

This is your friendly neighborhood person pretending to be a Doctor, here to tell you that you need a healthy dose of leaving work and heading to the beach. No complaining now, this is for your own good. This may seem like a comedic little segment, but studies have shown that taking a vacation from work not only makes you more productive, it also comes with health benefits. Of course, a vacation from work doesn’t exactly mean packing up and heading to the beach, a quick break can be enjoyed at home as well. The results’ however, won’t be felt as much as if you do venture out. Staying home still places you near your job and areas of stress in your life. Venturing out and staying at one of the many Daytona Beach hotels such as the highly recommended Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort will do wonders compared to sleeping in your own bed like you always do. More so if you have annoying neighbors.

The human body is one very complex machine. While you are reading this, your mind alone is busy regulating your bodily functions such as breathing, receiving feedback from your body so it can send signals to the conscious portion of the mind to tell you that you are hungry, and making you look to the left to see what made that sudden noise. Much like other machines, eventually it needs to be shut down. A laptop can only be put into sleep mode for so long, and eventually a smart phone needs to restart for an update. While the human brain does not actually shut down in the same way, taking a vacation turns off the workplace mindset and opens it to less strenuous forms of thought.

For many of us, one of the most prominent, if not the most prominent, origin point of stress is the workplace. When we step away from the work place, we have room to breath, the mind has less to process, and our stress level lowers. This in turn reduces blood pressure, tension, occurrence of headaches, and improves our mental functions. Taking a vacation also helps to boost productivity and moral when you return to the workplace. It is like running around a track. Can you run a mile straight? What about 20 miles straight? Running 20 miles without stopping seems like a pretty impossible task to most people, but what if you could stop every 3 or 5 miles and take a rest? The overall task becomes less impossible. The mind is the same. Working without a break or vacation is the same as it running 20 miles without stopping.

With this information, the choice should be easy to make. It’s time to inquire about taking a vacation. Talk to your boss, reserve a room with the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona Beach, and get some prescribed vacation time in.