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The Daytona Rising Project


The only thing that stays the same in this world is the fact that nothing ever stays the same. For the past four billion years things have been changing on this planet we call Earth, and every day they continue to change, like the changes being made at the Daytona International Speedway. If you drive by the speedway now, you will notice cranes and construction vehicles spread around the parking lot. This is because this historical tourist attraction is getting a facelift in a project known as Daytona Rising.

Daytona Rising is a series of improvements that will be made at the Daytona International Speedway. Having opened in 1959 (56 years ago), this will be the first major improvement made to the speedway, and revolves around creating a more comfortable and accessible layout for tourists. The most notable alteration will be with the seating. Where the Speedway once held 147,000 seats, it will now only hold 101,000. This will allow the speedway to have wider, more comfortable seating for it’s fans.

There will be five redesigned and expanded entrance areas, know as “injectors” that will lead to a series of escalators and elevators to take fans to different levels. Each level will also feature what is being called a “neighborhood”, a type of social area where fans can socialize. To further expand on the comfort of occupants, twice as many bathrooms and three times as many concession stands will be present at the end of the project. For corporate guests, there will be over 60 luxury suites with track side views as well.

Of course, to experience these changes once they are complete, you are going to need a place to stay, and for that, the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort is here to answer the call. The Daytona Rising project is aiming to make your day at the track more comfortable, but why stop there? Ocean Walk is a Daytona beach hotel with a long list of amenities, one of which being comfortable beds in cozy one or two bedroom Ocean Walk rooms. The best part, you can wait out the long trail of traffic out of Daytona. Instead of waiting in line, you can leave feeling refreshed with open roads ahead of you.