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Upcoming Events

At the edge of the sea, there is always something going on, and we don’t just mean the normal monthly events and shows either. Coming in September and October are concerts, conventions, and more that have a little something for all walks of life. Rather you’re into pop music, sci-fi films, or high octane action, we are sure there will be something here to entertain you, and when you’re done for the day, the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort will be waiting for you with a cozy bed and relaxing pools to unwind in.

So let’s get exploring,and our first stop is a quick drive down from Daytona Beach in Orlando. A beautiful city to visit, but beware the traffic, we would recommend getting a room at the Ocean Walk instead of finding a place in Orlando. Especially with a concert, the city will be busy, and you will be making the drive to the beach anyways, so why not just sleep right beside it?


Marc Anthony: Want a bit of fun, a bit of culture, and a bit of spice? Oct 1, Marc Anthony comes to the Amway Center with plenty of energy to fill the entire night. Bringing together a blend of hip hop, pop, salsa, and Spanish vides in his music, Marc Anthony’s music is hard not to move your hips to.


Three Days Grace: Ever since their single “I Hate Everything About You”, Three Days Grace has enjoyed a long road of fame and success. Even with the departure of the original lead singer in 2014, Three Days Grace managed to bring on the singer from My Darkest Days and push forward with a new album and new shows, including one at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando on October 2nd.

Now let’s head back toward Daytona, with two more big events coming in October.

Biketoberfest: The younger brother of the popular Bike Week, Biketoberfest sees bikers around the county returning to Daytona Beach for another week of events and attractions. The streets fill with the roars of engines while venders set up tents along many of the streets in Daytona. Local bands take stage and if you want to go, start reserving a hotel room with Ocean Walk now, vacancy goes fast when thousands of bikers visit the town.

Daytona 2050: A new convention coming to the Daytona area started Oct 30th, Daytona 2050 is a film, video game, and comic book convention that will include appearances from several stars including Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens), Steve Downes (Halo’s Master Chief), Jen Taylor (Halo’s Cortana), Joseph Gatt (God of War’s Kratos), Daniel Logan (Star Wars Episode II as Boba Fett) and many more. There will be video game contests, cosplay, parties, everything a fandom needs to feel at home.

While these are all exciting events we can’t wait to see, they are just what is coming over the next month. There are concerts and shows happening every month of the year around Daytona and Orlando, and Ocean Walk in Daytona is always ready to serve as your vacation base of operations. So find a concert, book a room, and get ready for a night of entertainment!