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Are you Ready for Bike Week?

Bike week is just around the corner. Starting the first week of March the hotels will fill up and vacancy will become little more than a daydream. If you haven’t booked a hotel room now, you may want to start searching now. If you are lucky you may find one room that slipped through the cracks. More likely though it will be one of the more expensive or cheaper quality rooms, which is fine in all honesty. The cheap hotel room may not have a balcony with a view, rooms with kitchenette’s, other amenities such as water slides, lazy rivers, or fitness rooms but at least you get HBO.

When it comes to visiting Florida, avoid treating it as a last-minute decision. During some times of the year there may be plenty of vacancy. Other times of the year, such as Bike Week, will have you running in circles trying to find as much as a closet to sleep in. February and March are two months that this holds especially true for. The Nascar fans invade the city, and once the last of them are on the way home the bikers start coming in. There are also the romantic couples who planned ahead for a weekend in Daytona Beach. This is why booking a room in advance at a grand hotel or a Daytona Beach ocean view resort is key to a successful vacation.

Daytona Beach Mainstreet

The idea behind a vacation is to escape stress, not find more of it. When you are miles and miles from home with no place to sleep for the night, you can find plenty of stress. Along with making you avoid stress while on vacation, booking a room early could save you money. Some hotels give better deals when you book ahead compared to arriving and asking for a room. It also helps make the entire process a little faster. Instead of signing in and paying for the room, you are already paid and in the system. You just have to walk up to the desk and tell them about your reservation.

Avoid the stress on your next vacation and book a room today. Visit Daytona Beach Ocean Walk Resort and get a quality room with a great location and plenty to do. Otherwise you may find yourself watching HBO on an old fashion television set miles away from the beach.