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Ways to Enjoy the Beach

When it comes to visiting the Daytona Beach area, it is a trip wasted if you don’t at least get a little sand in your shoes. Daytona Beach is a major vacation spot because of it’s beautiful sandy beaches, so much that it is even in the city’s name. Luckily in this town you don’t have to come ready to enjoy the beach. Daytona Beach has plenty of shops with all the amenities for a day at the beach. All along the boardwalk are souvenir and beach wear shops. From sun screen to boogie boards, you can get what you need without leaving sight of the beach.

When you are staying at the Ocean walk Resort and want to hit the sand and waves, don’t forget to pick up some of these fun items from one of the beach side stores. Not only are they great for the beach, they also make great souvenirs.

  • Skimboards: Kind of like a miniature surfboard without a fin, a skimboard, like the name implies, skims over the sand and water. Where the water meets the sand on a beach is where you will see people riding skimboards, sometimes riding them into the water and into a small wave.
  • Boogie Boards: It takes practice and dedication to master the art of surfing. Luckily to master the art of boogie boarding you just need some waves and a boogie board. The main idea behind the art of boogie boarding is to stand in the water, facing the shoreline, and when a wave comes you lay on the board and ride it to shore.Typically you don’t go deeper into the water than your waist, making it both fun and safe!
  • Sand Structures: Lots of people love to build a sand castle. At various times of the year, they even hold competitions on building sand sculptures in Volusia County. They have your basic bucket that can be used as towers, but they also have other toys and tools to make the experience a little more fun. Things like bulldozer hands to carry sand, and buckets shaped like cars to add some life to your creation. There are also plenty of bookstores if you want to learn how to make something really extraordinary.
  • Beach Sports: Many popular sports such as football have beach versions of them. The texture and give of the sand can give the sport a new feel. Volleyball is also another very common game played on the beach. Frisbee is popular for both people, and where allowed, dogs as well. You can even bring the frisbee back home as a souvenir.

While visiting Daytona, you can pick your favorite activity or find something new to try. It is not everyday you get to go on vacation, so have a little fun while it lasts. When you have worn yourself out with the beach, you can head back to your Ocean Walk resort room and rest up for another day of fun in the sand and sun.