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First Impressions at The Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort

We all love to imagine a fun filled vacation road trip. We turn it almost into a spiritual experience, and we do it rightfully so. I remember the first time I saw the “Welcome to Daytona Beach” sign stretching across International Speedway, it filled me with an unmatched sense of excitement. Of course, that was after a very long trek on I-95 to get there. While road trips are filled with fun and adventure, they are also long and monotonous at times. Enough miles passing similar patches of trees and road signs can make anyone wonder if they left the world behind and are trapped somewhere between time and space, in a place known only, as the Twilight Zone.

This is why you don’t want to reserve a room at just any hotel. After a long drive through never ending stretches of woods, occasional battles over the music selection, and instances of telling children to keep their hands and feet to themselves, you don’t want the climax to be a mediocre room that hasn’t been updated since the 1980s. What you do want is a welcoming atmosphere, with a top quality bed to collapse onto. What you want is a reservation at the Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort.

At Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona Beach, Fl, you don’t only get comfortable, fully catered rooms, you get a selection of comfortable, fully catered rooms. You can choose a room with a full, king or queen sized bed, along with a pull out sofa, full kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the pools and lazy rivers of Ocean Walk. Just imagine the sensation of walking into your Ocean Walk room, light from the doors of the balcony illuminating all the amenities that are yours to enjoy for the duration of your stay. Well a warm light is welcoming you to your room, somewhere else, someone is sitting down on a spring mattress, listening to the loud squeaks while looking at an outdated television set. Know who that person is? That’s right, it’s not you.

Once the luggage is situated and the bed jumped on, you have a decision to make. Will you go off and explore Daytona, or kick back and relax a bit in your room. After the 10 hour drive, an 2 hour nap is looking quite inviting. Don’t worry, Daytona Beach is still going to be there when you wake up. With all the fun that your kids can have in the hotel itself, including the aforementioned pools, both inside and outside, a game room, even an indoor putt-putt golf course, you have the perfect setup for a quick nap. You can let the family loose to enjoy these attractions while knowing that they are safe within the hotel area.

Book a room with the Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort today, and experience the powerful first impression that our rooms give you. All it takes is the slide of a key and the turn of a knob to feel like you are right at home.