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Why Stay at The Ocean Walk?

Stay at The Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach!

When you enter your average hotel room, are you wowed by how beautiful and welcoming it is or are you less than excited at the 1999 T.V. that weighs more than you do? We have to face the facts, normal hotels are simply not that impressive anymore. Some forget to update their rooms at least every 20 years, while others just keep their rooms to the minimum. While some of the nicer hotels do keep with the times and the competition, your normal hotel rooms will not be built to impress, merely to function.

The only attractive thing about these rooms are the price, which follows the age old idea of “You get what you pay for”. Yes, these rooms may be cheaper than a resort styled room elsewhere, but are they really worth it? You are away from home, why not spend a little extra and get all the commodities to make your little trip the best one possible? Let’s take a few minutes and compare a room at The Ocean Walk Resort with another more basic room, and then you can decide what kind of room you would rather stay in.

Layout: Your typical hotel room will have the main room, which contains a bed, TV, and some kind of table or desk, and a small bathroom. At The Ocean Walk Resort, you will find a layout similar to a small home. A full kitchen area, combined with a living room area including a couch and TV. There will also be one or two bedrooms depending on the room you reserve, along with a bathroom and an area for a washer and dryer. Finally, there is your own personal balcony.

Room Amenities: It is common to find a normal hotel room with a TV, telephone, and coffee maker. Some also come with a small refrigerator.The hotel itself will also have an ice machine somewhere around it. At Ocean Walk, you will find a full kitchen with stove, microwave, and full size refrigerator with freezer section. You will also find a washer and dryer in the room, along with a sofa with pull-out bed in the living room.

Hotel Amenities: It is difficult to find a hotel that doesn’t come with a swimming pool. They may not always be open to go in, but they do have them. Hotels will also come with free breakfast and wi-fi. At The Ocean Walk however, you will find:


  • Five Swimming Pools (three outside, two inside)
  • Five Hot Tubs (three outside, two inside)
  • Lazy River
  • Fitness Room
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Putt-Putt Course
  • Bar and Grill
  • Indoor Bar and Lounge

With these key differences, it is clear to see which option is the better choice. Don’t settle for less by staying at just any Daytona Beach hotel when you can reserve a room at the premier Daytona Beach Resort, The Wyndham Ocean Walk.

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