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Beach Hacks by The Wyndham Ocean Walk

When you visit Daytona, regardless of the reason, it is almost criminal not to at least stand in the sand before heading back home. Everyone in Daytona knows the way of life here is golden sands and cool ocean breezes. Rather they are a local or a tourist, they know to make the most of the beach whenever they can. That is why we put together this short list of beach hacks, little bits of advice to make your day at the beach a little bit more fun. The best part is they are all relatively cheap, and not too time consuming.

So let’s get started with these beach hacks so you can get off your phone or computer and start enjoying the beach.


Use a Fitted Sheet: Hate it when your towel and belongings get covered in sand? Well too bad, that’s what happens when you go to a sand covered beach, unless of course you use a fitted sheet instead. By spreading out a fitted sheet, and using various items such as a bag or cooler on each corner to hold the sides up, you get a small wall around your area to keep sand out. You can sit on the sheet or lay out a beach towel on top of it. You may get some sand from your feet on it, but it will be far less than a normal beach towel on the sand would get.


Turn a Sunscreen Bottle into a Safe: If you are looking for a place to hide your valuables while at the beach, get an old lotion bottle, clean it out, and put things like your keys and cash inside. People are far more likely to steal something valuable from your bag like a wallet with money than they are a sunscreen bottle. Just don’t leave it laying out carelessly in plain view, where someone may steal it because they forgot their own sunscreen.

Ziplock Your Phone: Ziplock baggies are great ways of keeping food protected, so why not your smartphone? If you decided not to invest in a super military grade phone cover, consider doing this instead. Before heading to the beach, put your phone in a plastic baggy. This will help protect it from sand and water while still allowing you to use the touchscreen through the plastic, just like a normal screen protector. It’s not recommended to try and bring the phone fully underwater using this method however.

Reduce Drip from Frozen Treats: Snacks like popsicles and various ice cream treats that come on sticks are wonderful for the hot weather, and definitely a favorite for the beach, but can tend to get messy when they melt. Bring some aluminum cupcake liners to combat the sticky mess when they melt. Put the stick carefully through the liner and put your hand beneath it. Some may still sneak through, but it will be far less than without a liner.

Turn the Steering Wheel: Chances are your vehicle is going to be exposed to the hot Florida sun all day long, unless of course you reserved a room with the Ocean Walk Resort and have your car parked in our large parking structure. If you didn’t reserve a room with the Ocean Walk, or decided to drive to another part of the beach, then this tip could save you a little discomfort. When you park your vehicle, turn your steering wheel a full 180 degrees so the top of it is facing down. This way, when you get back in it, you won’t have your hands wrapped around a burning hot steeling wheel.

Reserve a Room at the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort: Okay, so maybe this one isn’t a beach hack, but it is still a good idea. By reserving a room at the Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach, you get access to a luxurious room with all the fixings, including a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and laundry machines for those sand covered clothes. You also get to enjoy the hotel amenities such as the indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, lounges, family room, and more. Did we mention the beach is right out the back door?

These may be small beach hacks, but they can make your trip to the beach the much more fun and hassle free. Put them to good use by reserving your Wyndham Ocean Walk room today, and coming to visit us here in Daytona Beach for some well earned time off.