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Avoiding Heat Stroke

We all know that the beach is a fun place to visit, but there are also some risks to spending all day out in the sun, especially now that it’s Summertime here in Florida. Temperatures are in the 90s, and with the humidity it feels like they are over 100 degrees on some days. When it comes to days like this, you need to make sure you are prepared to handle the dangers of heat stroke. Luckily there are simple precautions you can take to have a safe and fun filled day at the beach.



Drink Plenty of Water: You should always drink lots of water, even if it’s not to avoid heat stroke. Water is naturally good for the body, but more so when out in the heat. So stay hydrated as you enjoy the beach.

Avoid Sunburn: This is a good tip in general, no one likes a painful sunburn. When you do get one though, it hampers your body’s ability to release heat, increasing your chances of suffering from heat stroke. Use sunscreen and limit your exposure to the sun. Take breaks and sit under an umbrella or some shade to grab a drink now and then.

Check on Medications: If you take any medication regularly, consult your doctor to see if it may make you more acceptable to heat stroke. If so, take some precautions to balance out the effects of the medication, such as the tips listed in this article.

Wear Loose Clothing: It’s always good to have ventilation in the heat, so wear clothes that are loose and allow good airflow to avoid overheating. If you are at a beach, chances you are going to be wearing swim shorts, so make sure they allow plenty of room around your legs to let air in and heat out.

Adapt to the Heat: If you are visiting from someone that typically has cold weather, especially if it is a place where that white stuff falls from the sky, you may find yourself more acceptable to heat stroke. Limit your time in the sun at first, and expand as you go on. Don’t go full force into the sun on your first trip to the beach.

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