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When someone says they are visiting Daytona Beach, usually everyone imagines one of two scenarios. Either they are picturing sunny skies and golden sands, or they are imaging the sound of roaring engines as NASCAR drivers fly around corners, driving in circles for hours upon hours. They are the main attractions of the Daytona Beach area, luring millions of tourists from across the country all year round. What many don’t realize though is that Daytona Beach, and Volusia County itself, is also a great center of cultural learning. Across Volusia County you can find museums, art galleries, and pieces of history scattered all over the place.

Take a trip with us as we guide you through the art, science, history, and more that can be found right here in Volusia County.

Museum of Art and Sciences:

Perhaps the largest and most prominent museum in the Volusia County area, the Museum of Arts and Sciences, located in Daytona Beach, is filled with a wide range of exhibits. Much like the name suggests, the exhibits revolve around two of the most defining aspects of history, Art and Science. Their galleries include displays from both the past and present, along with a planetarium for shows about our galaxy and the always entertaining laser rock shows. To learn about events and new exhibits coming to the Museum of Art and Sciences, you can visit their website here.

Halifax Historical Museum:

What started as a bank has been turned into a walk down the history of the Halifax river, which runs through Volusia County, separating the mainland from the beach areas. Consisting of both permanent and changing exhibits, using various forms of displays and media, the Halifax Historical Museum is a fun walk through the days of Daytona Beach from long ago.

Southeast Museum of Photography:

Located at Daytona State College, the Southeast Museum of Photography is dedicated to the practice of capturing moments throughout the years, both past and present. Photography is widely practiced throughout the modern world in various forms, sometimes shaking a population to the core with a single image. When you visit the Southeast Museum of Photography, you get a chance to see the beauty and power that these images can hold.

Auto Racing Museum of Racing History:

While the International Speedway Tours is a great way to see the fan fueled world of NASCAR, it’s the Living Legends of Auto Racing, the organization behind the Auto Racing Museum of Racing History, that really holds the spirit of the racing world. Designed to celebrate the brave spirits that paved the road for future drivers to get behind the wheel.

Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory Tours:

Located on Beach Street, Angell and Phelps may not be a museum, but with a free factory tour of how their chocolate is made, it is still worth a visit. The front of the store is filled with chocolatey treats from candy bars to chocolate covered strawberries, and all kinds of fudge. Past the counter you have an opportunity to see how the tasty treats are made. To see when tours are taking place, you can visit the website.

This list is just an introduction to all the museums located in Volusia County. With all the museums and historical areas in Volusia County we could fill three different articles and still leave a few out. With so much to see and experience, there is no time to waste. Settle into your Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort room, take a quick rest from the trip, then venture out for a dance of discovery.